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A modern and fresh take on property management

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A modern and fresh take on property management


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  We are well aware of the fact that the rental demand for larger properties with four to five bedrooms is not high as compared to the properties with one or two rooms. Therefore these larger properties take a lot more time to get filled and hence the voids might be high. The demand for house sharing has increased in the last decade with people moving to new areas for better opportunities however not wanting to live on their own in a new neighborhood or even city. So, E & S Property is here to handle and manage your property needs whether you’re a landlord looking to rent out your property or if you’re the tenant looking for a nice house to share. By handling both the parties since a while now, our team is well- equipped with the knowledge, skill set and temperament required to provide best customer care to the landlords as well as the tenants.   

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 We, at E & S Property, help you manage your property needs with a touch of modernity. 


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  The professional team at E & S Property are devoted to give you the best possible service at the minimum cost.  


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  We handle the property management in Birmingham UK to provide the tenants and landlords with best possible property iterations suitable to their needs and demands.  


Landlords prefer our services mainly because

· We do not charge for managing your property. 

· We cover all the maintenance costs to keep you safe from any unwanted maintenance troubles. 

· Your rent for each month is guaranteed whether the property is rented yet or not. 

· We maintain your property to the highest degree by employing cleaners and gardeners weekly.

· Routine inspection teams make sure to keep a check over property and tenants.  

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